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On this site you will find a selection of reviews for a wide variety of different home fitness equipment, focusing mainly on exercise bikes. Exercise bikes offer fantastic benefits when it comes to weight loss, toning and cardio fitness and they deserve a place in any home gym. At the same time though, these bikes can be expensive and often it is hard to know whether a product is going to provide good value for money.

At ExerciseRig then, we endeavor to provide you with all the most up-to-date reviews, written in a detailed and objective manner so that you can make the right choice. If you're thinking of buying a bike, then take a look through our selection of reviews to find one that will suit your training routine and that will offer the best value for money.

Why Exercise Bikes?

We'll be looking at a wide variety of different exercise equipment on this site but we put special focus on exercise bikes. Why? Because an exercise bike has a ton of advantages which makes it a perfect choice for anyone looking to tone up and get into shape.

Here are just some of the advantages of these machines:

  • Low Impact – Exercise bikes don't create any impact on your joints which means that even those with injuries, splints or other health complaints can use them.
  • ​Easy – Riding a stationary bike is something that everyone can do. You don't need much space and you can even watch your favorite program or chat with friends while you do it!
  • ​Versatile – Exercise bikes come in all shapes and sizes. If you want to do serious spinning we can help you find the right bike and likewise we have plenty of fun, comfortable and casual options listed here too. What's more, you can also use exercise bikes in a number of different ways depending on your fitness goals. Consider HIIT routines as the best way to burn fat and improve your efficiency!
  • Effective – Most of all, stationary bikes are highly effective at burning fat and building muscle. Add some resistance and keep your heartrate high and you will burn calories.

A Quick Introduction to Exercise Bikes

When looking at exercise bikes you notice there are a few different options. Upright bikes for instance are bikes that have you in an upright position and which look a little more like real push bikes. Recumbent bikes on the other hand put you in a more reclined position and are non-weight bearing. This means you can more easily use a recumbent bike with a bad knee.

Other bikes are designed specifically for spinning workouts and have very smooth operation and high stability for riding fast. These kinds of bikes are less suited for bike training but are fantastic for burning calories. Folding bikes of course are bikes that you can collapse for easy storage and transportation.

Enjoy Your Stay!

That's a short introduction to exercise bikes but if you want more information, feel free to take a look around the site and try out some of our reviews. We've already reviewed some of the best products on the market and we'll be adding more reviews regularly. Happy cycling!

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