Everything You Need To Know About Aqua Cycling

  • June 14, 2017
Everything You Need To Know About Aqua Cycling

In this quick blog post, we’ll discuss everything you’ll need to know about Aqua Cycling. It’s an innovative exercise that has received a good amount of popularity in the recent years.

You’ll have enough information to use aqua cycling to your advantage by the end of this article.

What Is Aqua Cycling?

Aqua cycling is a fitness trend that started its origins in Italy A physical therapist learned that cycling underwater can heal athletes suffering from knee problems. As time progressed, the physical rehabilitation method began to grow in popularity and became known throughout the world.

It works by having a stationary bike placed within four feet of water. People then begin to sit and pedal away against the water’s natural resistance. This results into a full body workout that is a massive calorie burner. Aqua cycling is revered amongst fitness aficionados because it provides a new way to workout and helps reduce body fat.

Why Is It Getting Popular?

There is a multitude of reasons why aquatic fitness receives such worldwide recognition. Here are a few reasons on how aquatic bikes help to keep your body in shape while also promoting long-term health.

Benefits Of Aquacycling

We bring you some of the most important benefits, that you can achieve during your aqua cycling workout.

Aquacycling benefits

Destroys Cellulite

Aquaticcycling’s main advantage is its ability to reduce the amount of fat stored in your body. On average, 800 calories are burned within an hour. 

Cycling underwater creates a natural friction between your skin and the water. This results in a massaging action that helps regulate and drain the lymphatic system. You should try aquacycling if you’re looking for a new and natural way to remove unwanted cellulite.

Treats Joint Pain

Aquacycling gives the benefit of a water exercise while serving as a form of physical therapy for joint pain. 

People who are diagnosed with osteoporosis should give aqua cycling a chance.

This is because it rehabilitates and cures their pain within a few weeks of taking an aqua cycling class. When you start to exercise underwater, it dramatically reduces the amount of weight and impact you’ll place on your joints. Also, the water’s buoyancy helps prevent falls and injuries from occurring.

Aquacycling outdoors workout

Aquacycling provides users the chance to increase their muscle strength, improve their cardiovascular strength, and build their bones. All without placing any unnecessary stress on the joints and bones.

For people who like to run and engage in other land-based exercises, aqua cycling is a great idea. Aquacycling provides a great recovery workout and gives your joints a wider range of motion than just exercising on land.

Calm & Efficient Form Of Exercise

Want to know another perk of aquacycling? You won’t feel any “exercise hangover” the following day.

Traditional exercise methods require you to physically train your muscles to the point of exhaustion. While this can aid in building strength, this form of exercise also increases the chances of becoming injured.

Water has a calm, soothing effect on the body and prevents trauma and micro tears placed on the body. Most land exercises cause this tension and could be dangerous if not treated properly.

Aquacycling calm workout

That’s why water exercises are useful at working your body in the least harmful way possible.

The temperature is another plus to doing aqua cycling. When cycling, the water helps by regulating your body temperature and preventing the body from overheating. Thus, it’s a safe and valuable exercise that promotes healthy sleep, reduces stress and relaxes the muscles in your body.

Overall, we think that aqua cycling is the best way to workout without putting too much stress on your body. While cycling in the water, you increase your blood circulation, breathing capacity, and blood flow. It allows the body to burn calories while keeping it replenished at the same time.

What Do You Need For Aquacycling?

Think about what you would take if you were going out for a swim. You’ll need swimming gear and a pair of water shoes to keep your foot securely on the pedal.

Water exercise bikes are usually flat pedaled with pedal straps to keep your feet in position. So, make sure to get the right pair of shoes to experience the most out of this workout.

What Types Of Exercise Bikes Are Used For Aquacycling?

For aquacycling, aquatic bikes are the standard. This is because they have enough support to stay submerged in the water without falling over. These bikes give the users the advantage of having a complete biking workout while also having their body and joints relaxed by the water.

Aquacycling exercise bikes

One benefit of aquatic bikes is that they give you the stability of a stationary bike, while also reaping the benefits from the water. By completing an aqua cycling workout session, your body will have the enough tension it needs to grow while also staying relaxed due to the water naturally healing their body.

Aquatic exercise bikes are made of marine steel. The material helps keep the bike submerged in the water, without obtaining rust. Marine steel works by allowing the aquatic bike to be used in salt, mineral, and thermal rich waters.

What Is Underwater Cycling?

If you think Aqua cycling is an intense workout, wait until you try underwater cycling. Underwater cycling is a hydro biking sport where each participant wears a bike and scuba gear. The first person to reach the finish line wins the race.

The rules are simple. Each participant is required to remain on the bike throughout the duration of the race. Once you are off the bike, you’re disqualified. Any form of hitting, bumping, or rough play with other bikers is strictly forbidden.

During the race, the participants must race through an underwater course that stretches for about a half of a mile. Only 10 people are allowed to participate in an underwater cycling race. Each racer has two people who are also underwater who help protect them if they experience fatigue, injuries or cannot continue to ride.

What Is The Record For Underwater Cycling?

According to Guinness World Record, Ashrita Furman has won the record for underwater cycling. He traveled a total distance of 3.04 km in 2011.

Underwater Cycling

He is a Guinness world record breaker and currently holds up to 200 world records and still trains in underwater cycling to this day.


If you’re looking for a new way to workout, you should give aqua cycling a look. All it takes is a pool exercise bike, exercise gear, and a few minutes of your time to experience the full benefits of this workout. Ultimately, try it out if you would like calming yet intensive way to exercise!

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