How To Find The Best Spinning Bikes

  • December 8, 2016
How To Find The Best Spinning Bikes

With a good spinning bike, you’ll be sweating and invigorated at the end of every session. They still provide that low impact workout that makes all stationary exercise bikes a great option. But they are built in a way that more closely mimics the position you would be in on a regular bicycle.

That means you are getting a more authentic workout that you could easily take outdoors on a regular bike when the weather permits or when you just want a change of scenery once in a while. You’ll get great fitness results with a spinning bike.

But shopping for a spinning bike can get overwhelming once you realize there are just so many different options out there. This short guide will give you a few tips on how to sift through all those options and then give you are suggestions for the top 3 best spinning bikes.

Tips For Shopping Spinning Bike

Here are a few tips to help you as you are shopping:

Define Your Priorities

Spinning bikes are usually intended for those looking for a more rigorous and efficient workout. But that doesn’t always mean you need all the bells and whistles.

Gym Full of Spinning Bikes

A simple, well-built spinning bike can give you just as great of a workout as a high-tech option with every extra feature possible. Take a look at what kind of features are available and consider which ones you think you’ll benefit from.

That means you should decide exactly what sort of features and functions you are looking for so you can be sure you don’t end up buying something that’s either too basic or too complicated.

Know Your Budget

There are spinning bikes in every price range. However, they do tend to concentrate on the mid to upper price range (usually somewhere between $250 and $2,000).

But just because they tend to be a little more expensive than your standard stationary exercise bike, that price doesn’t guarantee quality. So you still need to look for quality and make sure you getting the features you want.

Set a price range of what you are willing to spend and look for products in that price range that meet your priorities.

Read Reviews

Thanks to the internet there are lots of reviews online for almost every product on the market. And reviews are one of the best ways to find out how a product works in real life.

A spinning bike’s advertisement will give you a good understanding of what the product can offer you, but as you probably already know, that doesn’t always mean you are getting what you pay for.

No advertisement will admit that its product isn’t the best option out there. You can check out our reviews as well as spin bike reviews from other reliable sites to get a better sense of whether or not the spinning bike you are considering buying is worth the investment.

Our Recommendation

With these tips in mind, check out these reviews for 3 of our top choices when it comes to searching for the best spinning bike.

Ancheer Indoor Cycling Bike SP-4013 Spin Bike

This is a fantastic midrange spinning bike that could stand up just as well at home as at a gym.

That means it will last for a long time—and an even longer time if you’re using at home where only you are using it.

Some of our favorite features on the Ancheer spinning bike include:

Review of Ancheer Indoor Cycling Bike


  • Quiet. The steel flywheel is ultra sharp, smooth, and silent. So you can pedal your absolute hardest without disturbing anyone else in the house or drown out the sound of the TV.
  • Gym quality. If you’re a fan of spin classes but want to get some extra training in between sessions, you’ll be able to work just as hard on this machine at home. You can also skip the classes entirely and just use this one at home. Think of the money you’ll save!
  • Heavy duty frame. Made from steel and built to last, this exercise bike is going to hold up no matter how hard you work it.


One drawback is that people 6 feet and above may not be able to extend their legs all the way when pedaling. But this is a standard issue. As a taller person, you just need to be extra careful to check for highly adjustable seats or modifications you can make to increase that adjustability.

It is important not to overlooked some feature as many buyers get distracted by all the bells and whistles and forget to make sure that the essential, fundamental aspects are also high quality.

Without a strong frame, that Bluetooth connectivity and excellent display are useless. So it’s great to see that this brand still cares about building a great, high-quality product.

Keiser M3I Indoor Cycle

This spinning bike from Keiser is a high-end product that packs a huge punch in a surprisingly compact machine.

The definite drawback here is the price. Unless you are an old cycle or can guarantee that you are going to use this bike for the long run, it may be a bit risky to invest this much for the first time buy.

Some of our favorite features include:

Indoor Cycle By Keiser


  • High-tech features. This bike is Bluetooth enabled, a beautiful display with incredibly detailed stats about your workout, and the ability to connect with apps on your smartphone so that you have that data wherever you go.
  • Strong frame. The American made machine is built out of heavy-duty materials that are put together in a beautiful construction so that you get a long-lasting and highly efficient tool that will help you achieve all of your workout goals.
  • Magnetic resistance flywheel. Magnetic resistance is the new, state of the art resistance system that has so many advantages over other kinds.


This bike provides a way smoother experience, including more seamless transitions between resistance levels. And it also makes the whole machine whisper silent so that you can pedal as hard as you can without disturbing anyone else in the house.

Most importantly the quality is there so if you do decide it’s what you need, you will get your money’s worth out of it.

Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Cycle Trainer

While it’s not as high end as the model from Keiser, this spinning bike still holds its own and does everything you could want it to do.

Interestingly enough, this bike is better suited to taller people than shorter people, so that’s a drawback to the shorter folks out there but a definite plus for taller individuals who have a hard time finding an exercise bike that fits them.

Some of our favorite things about it include:

Indoor Cycle Spinning Trainer


  • Portability. The frame comes with transportation wheels which mean you can easily move it around the room without scratching your floors or straining your back as you try to pull. This means you can have it right in front of the TV when you work out and then easily slide it back into the corner when you’re done.
  • Adjustability. Not only is the seat adjustable but so are the handlebars. This is great to see because the more reviews you read about different exercise bikes, the more you’ll see that fixed, unmovable handlebars tend to be a major problem as their position doesn’t work for everyone.
  • Belt Driven flywheel. If you’re not going for a magnetic resistance flywheel, belt driven is the next best thing. It’s almost as quiet as the magnetic resistance. But it’s worlds better than the chain driven models which tend to rattle and make a lot of noise.


Magnetic resistance flywheel also tends to break or fall off a lot more quickly. So the belt driven flywheel on this model will be way lower maintenance in addition to being quieter.

It's good to know you can adjust handlebars to suit the position that’s most comfortable for your workout. This is a great choice for the beginners.

Final Verdict

Spinning bikes tend to be a little more geared toward intense workouts, so you’ll see a lot of options that have some pretty impressive features (including the three that we’ve talked about in this article).

If you’re a first-time buyer, we’d recommend going for one of the more affordable options like the one from Ancheer or Sunny Health & Fitness.

If you are looking to replace the one you currently have, we’d suggest going for a more expensive one like the Keiser model since you will be able to get the maximum benefits out of all the cool features and it will be able to withstand better the intense workouts you will likely be using it for.

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