4 Reasons Why An Exercise Bike is Better Than Sex

  • June 15, 2017
4 Reasons Why An Exercise Bike is Better Than Sex

Exercise bikes are some of the best pieces of home exercise equipment you can find available. The combination of relatively simple activity and decent weight loss capabilities combine to make this one of the better options you can choose when stocking up on equipment for your home gym.

In fact, an exercise bike may be a better choice than several other forms of home exercise not involving machines. We are in fact talking about sex. This article will be all about how your exercise bike might be better than sex, thanks to several features and comparative advantages in regards to sex.

You Can Use Your Exercise Bike Alone

As you know, it takes two to tango, so your exercise bike already holds the advantage in this category. You can use your exercise bike whenever you please, and you are not limited to using your exercise bike at certain times or during certain occasions.

You Can Use Your Exercise Bike Alone

You Can Lose More Weight Using Your Exercise Bike

While sex is certainly a workout, it is not strenuous enough to compare to an exercise bike workout. If your objective is to lose weight or tone your muscles, you will find that you will accomplish a much better job of it if you use your exercise bike.

We are in no way diminishing the value of the exercise that you get during sex, but you can only keep going for so long.

When it comes to your exercise bike, you can keep going until your muscles can't take it anymore. Not to mention that you will burn much more weight in a less amount of time.

You Don’t Have To Buy Your Exercise Bike A Drink To Use It

Whereas you may have to spend some money on drinks or a nice dinner to end up getting lucky by the end of the night, your exercise has no need for either food or drinks, so you can use it whenever you please.

Exercise Bike Morning Workout

Your exercise bike is accessible whenever you wish it to be, so you don’t have to wait for your exercise bike to be in the mood to be used.

You Don’t Have To Wait Before Using Your Exercise Bike Again

Unlike sex, you can use your exercise bike whenever you feel like it. This also means that you can use it several times in a row without having to give it time for a cooldown period. So whenever you feel like it, go on ahead and mount up and start riding (your exercise bike, that is.)


And that concludes our list of why an exercise bike can be better than sex. There have been some valid points on this list.

Do you agree that an exercise bike can essentially render sex obsolete? We hope you found this article entertaining, have fun with ​different exercise bikes!

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