Beginner Exercise Plan For Exercise Bike

  • June 22, 2017
Beginner Exercise Plan For Exercise Bike

Making the perfect workout plan can be difficult at times, so you need to do your research. It is a lot of work to calculate the number of calories you will burn over a given period.

The best idea is to find a workout plan and gradually adjust it over the time that you use it, so it fits your needs ideally.

Thankfully, we have compiled a great workout plan which is perfect for a large variety of users. While we cannot guarantee that this plan will work for everyone, almost all of the people who have tried this plan have been able to adjust it to fit their needs accordingly.

One of the best parts of an stationary bike is that it allows you to more easily do exercises that burn a comparable amount of calories to treadmill exercises.

You will notice similarities between this exercise bike workout plan and certain treadmill exercises because these two exercise machines are broadly similar.

The Workout Plan

The Warm Up

The first thing you will want to do is warm up for about 10 minutes. A warm-up is one of the essential parts of a workout, and far too many people skip it. This is an incredibly unhealthy way to exercise as skipping the warm up will not allow you to increase your heart rate gradually.

Warm up

What you want to do is get your heart rate to rise to the ideal point for you gradually. While everyone has different ideal zones for exertion, you will want to get your heart rate up to about 65% during your warm up.

The Work Out

What you will want to do once you are warmed up is use the cycling machine for a good five minutes at a speed which is comfortable for you. This allows you to accustom yourself to the workout before you begin more intense interval training.

Once the five minutes have elapsed, you should begin to gradually increase your speed until you notice that you are sweating and your heart rate is increasing. Keep this up until you are starting to feel a little tired.

Intense workout

Once the fatigue starts to set in, you should take a short, two-minute break to regulate your heartbeat a little bit. Once your heart beat has evened off, you should repeat the earlier exercise, but only take a break once you are a little more tired.

Repeat this process one more time until you are tired, and your workout should be complete. While it may not be the most complex workout, it certainly works.


We hope that this guide has helped you understand how to make better use of your exercise bike. Having an exercise bike and knowing how to use it are two entirely different things.

Good luck with your workout regimen, and remember not to hesitate when adjusting it to suit your needs.

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