Nautilus U614 Upright Bike Review

Nautilus U614 Upright Bike Review

  • April 7, 2015

This Nautilus U614 Upright Bike offers a fantastic number of features and options for its relatively entry-level price. For those looking for a functional bike that isn't lacking in the features department but who also don't want to break the bank, this is a great option.


  • 22 workout programs
  • 20 levels of resistance
  • Perimeter weighted flywheel
  • LCD display
  • USB data transfer functionality to the Nautilus Connect™ website
  • ​300 lbs (136 kg) is maximum user weight
  • Compatibility with MyFitnessPal
  • Has 10 years of warranty for frame, 2 years mechanical , 1 year electrical and 90 days of labor warranty.

Extra Features:

  • Water bottle holder
  • Bluetooth® Connectivity
  • Charging USB Port
  • Adjustable fan
  • MP3 input port

ExerciseRig's rating:


The Nautilus U614 is a sturdy looking stationary bike that is ideal for use at home and that also wouldn't look out of place in any commercial gym setting.

For those looking for a way to burn calories in the evening, a stationary bike is always a good avenue thanks to the fact that it can be used even while sitting in front of your favorite show and that it is completely impact-free.

Nautilus U614 Upright Stationary Exercise Bike

That is to say that it doesn't place any strain or impact on the joints, which doesn't mean you can't get an intensive workout from it. In fact, if you use HIIT-style training (High-Intensity Interval Training) then you'll find its more than capable of burning some real fat.

Nautilus U614 Upright Bike Features

The U614 comes with a great array of features for the price point (right now it's available for just under $300 on Amazon). Perhaps the most notable feature is the choice of 22 customizable workout programs and 20 resistance levels.

These make it easy to give yourself a challenge without having to manually enter different settings and is excellent for mixing up your different workouts.

What's more, you also get a built-in heart rate sensor which is perfect for monitoring your level of exertion throughout your training. Heart rate monitors are particularly helpful for ensuring that you spend long enough in the all-important 'fat burning zone' which is required for trimming off excess weight and getting toned.

On top of that is a 'dual track' display – meaning you get two different monitors. One of these is for watching entertainment of your choice, while the other is for keeping track of your workout metrics like heart rate, distance, calories and more.

Dual speakers are available for giving your entertainment some real bass, while an MP3 port means you can bring your own playlists to your workouts.

Better yet, all this data you're collecting can be stored and taken with you thanks to a USB cable and the Nautilus Connect™ website. It even connects to MyFitnessPal.

In short, this is a somewhat unheard of a number of features for such a low price point. There's not much you could need here that isn't catered for.

What Other Say

Most customers were very satisfied with this exercise bike. It has an insane level of individual customization, because of the so many resistance levels. Since it offers so many features, it makes it one of the best upright bikes one the market.

Nautilus U614 Exercise Bike

Our Rating:

Sturdy construction is the next element that makes this bike excellent choice. It makes it easier and each user feels safe during a workout.

Last great thing that this bike offers is data collection, and the possibility to connect to the manufacturer's website. It is also compatible with some fitness apps.

Whit that said, we would offer this bike to both beginners and advanced users.


Overall, the U614 is a bike that's absolutely packed with features while still coming in at a great price. This is the kind of feature-set you might encounter in a gym, but instead you can get it right in your home for a great price.

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