What Is An Exercise Bike For Toddlers?

  • June 29, 2017
What Is An Exercise Bike For Toddlers

In today’s society, most children live sedentary lies. For example, they are more likely to spend their days playing video games or on their iPads. While this can be fun for a while, your child is missing out on some quality physical activity.

Children have short attention spans, making it hard for them to stay interested in things that require a certain amount of focus. Luckily, there is a recent smart cycle innovation that helps keeps kids entertained while keeping them fit.

That’s why Fisher-Price created the Think & Learn Smart Cycle. The indoor cycle was made to help children live less sedentary lifestyles and promote a healthy exercise routine.

Throughout this post, we’ll speak on how this small exercise bike is proven to make your child more active, stronger, and helps them transition into a healthy adult.

What Is The Fisher-Price Smart Cycle?

Fisher Price’s Smart Cycle was unveiled at CES 2017 recently. It’s a stationary exercise bike for kids that also has a built-in tablet installed to the machine. This helps your child obtain the right amount of exercise while keeping their minds stimulated.

The Fisher-Price Smart Cycle

The cycle works by using Bluetooth technology to connect to the tablet. Right now four apps focuses on STEM learning, social studies, math, and literacy. Fisher Price has decided to make more educational apps for the machine as time progresses.

Each of the apps are priced at $5 a piece. The bike comes at an inexpensive price of just under $150. Also, it’s compatible with Android, Amazon Fire Tablets, iOS, Apple and Android TV. Making it a cheap, yet effective tool for keeping your child in good condition.

How To Use A Fisher-Price Smart Cycle?

This device uses apps that have engaging and powerful graphics. These apps help their child stay focused throughout the duration of their bike ride. Kids can save their game progress and resume it once they hop back onto their bike.

It also features a dashboard that notifies the parents how long their child has used the bike and also what topics they learned throughout their exercise. The toy bike serves as a powerful exercise and education monitor which helps boost your child’s strength and mental health.

We suggest giving your child time to exercise 30 minutes a day. This helps them build an exercise habit and keeps them away from distractions that might hinder their growth.


Keeping your child active isn’t as hard as it looks. There is a myriad of exercise bikes for children that helps keep them physically and mentally engaged.

The Fisher Price Smart Cycle

The Fisher Price Smart Cycle is a great example. It combines the stimulating atmosphere of its tablet apps while also providing a full workout.

The smart cycle’s full version is intended to be released during this fall. Make sure to use exercise bikes as a way to keep your child focused and in shape throughout their childhood.

Ultimately, an exercise bike will improve your child’s cardiovascular health, mental awareness, and athleticism.



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